Letter to Parents

Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

The college planning process can be a stressful one for both parents and students. I’ve been through it four times myself. Each journey was unique and complicated in its own way. Your student could be anxious or too relaxed, focused on only one college or unable to narrow a long list. They could only have one major in mind or MANY different interests to explore. While they can be different, most have the same finish line.

As I have learned, that finish line isn’t pictured above…

When I started the process with my oldest, I thought the journey was over as I dropped him off at the University of Dayton. I had a lot to learn. (Don’t tell him but he was the easiest.) He didn’t change majors, got great internships while in college and his last one landed him his starting full-time job. My other 3 changed their majors. One did it 3 times. Fortunately, changing colleges didn’t come up. None of them had internships relating to their major while in college. One required a Master’s degree, another wanted a Master’s degree and one earned an MBA after being in the business world a few years. Each had unique skills and ambitions and required different things at different times. Was I ready to answer their questions BEFORE they needed the answers? Not in the beginning…

Your student is one piece of the puzzle. Being a teen can be tough, with likes and interests changing frequently. Getting them to plan ahead when their focus in on the next test, game, or date is a challenge.

Finances are a totally different topic. Each family's unique finances open up different opportunities for their student. Do the colleges you are interested currently in fit into your financial position?

Another piece of the puzzle could be your family. Are you in a traditional family? Lost a spouse? Remarried? Lost a job or had a cut in pay? These can all be very difficult times in your life, especially as your child is in high school. How will your family dynamic affect your student’s college opportunities?

My planning process will coach you through all of these pieces of the college admission/attendance puzzle with the detail and flexibility to create a successful path to their career.

Finding College Opportunities for Students and Their Family.

I will help you plan for this finish line.

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